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Down the Hatch: Part One

Down the Hatch: Part One

Hatch, New Mexico

Down the hatch with Hatch Chiles! We have been cooking up a storm of Hatch Chile recipes. Five of them are now perfected. Click the photos below to link to the recipes. Each recipe specifies “Hatch Chile”. Pick the heat level you want when you shop: Mild, Medium or Hot. The robust chile flavor shines through regardless of the one you prefer. 


Mapping the Day

Shipments of fresh Hatch Chiles, directly from the growers in Hatch, New Mexico, are arriving daily here in Southern California. Food blogs, magazines, newspapers, market circulars and social media feeds are announcing chile roasting events all over the area. Check you local area for availability. You can always shop online too.

Local Story

We took a RoadTripFlavors day trip to San Clemente last Friday. The Ralph’s Supermarket there had two roasting barrels fired up to roast 25 pound boxes of Hatch Chiles to order. Ahh, the aroma of chiles roasting filled the air for blocks around. There is nothing like that smell to make your mouth water for green chiles.

IMG_4354  Hatch Chile Roasting

When we got them home, we snacked on a few hots ones right away while we put about half pound servings in plastic baggies. We laid them out flat and placed them in the freezer. Now we can take out small portions any time we want.

View from the Table

Hatch Chiles can be the star of the dish or complement proteins, vegetables, starches and even desserts. Here are five of our perfected recipes to enjoy. There are more to come too, so check back here later this week. Down the Hatch!


(Click on the photos below to link to our RoadTripFlavors “Down the Hatch” recipes.)

Grilled Corn Hatch Chile Aioli Hatch Chile Butter Hatch Stuffed Chicken Twice Baked Potatoes


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