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Down the Hatch: Part Two

Down the Hatch: Part Two

Hatch, New Mexico

There is no other chile that delivers flavor like Hatch. Since we bought a 25-pound box of chiles that were roasted in a fiery barrel, we have been cooking appetizers, salads, sandwiches and main dishes. Four more perfected Hatch Chile recipes are pictured below. Click on the dish photo to link to the recipes. 


Mapping the Day

Is it really worth the effort to find authentic Hatch Chiles from New Mexico? Absolutely. Once you have tasted Hatch Chiles, you will understand. But what if roastings of the fresh gems are not scheduled in your area? We have found some options.

  • Many grocery stores now carry fresh Hatch Chiles for a limited time. Buy and roast them on your outdoor BBQ.
  • Buy Hatch Chile products in the RoadTripFlavors Marketplace (see tab above). Or click on the links in the side bar and order directly from Amazon.
  • There is also a line of Hatch Chile canned goods that can be found in grocery stores and online. They are equally as tasty and much easier to handle.


Local Story

When you have a roasted Hatch Chile on your cutting board, what do you do next?

First, take a knife and scrape the blackened skin off of the meat of the chile below. It slides off easily.


Hatch roasting on the grill  remove skin and seeds


Then cut the stem end off. Slice the length of the chile with your knife and lay the chile open to expose the seeds inside. Again, scrape the seeds away from the chile below.

Discard the skin and seeds. With a clean cutting board, you are ready to slice, chop or mince your Roasted Hatch Chiles.


View from the Table

The bounty of Hatch Chile recipes on our table lately are pictured below and in our Down the Hatch: Part One post. Enjoy and Down the Hatch!



Hatch Chile Bean Dip   Southwest Salad     Hatch Chile & Cheese Burger  Hatch Chile Pork Sandwich

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