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For the Love of Pubs

For the Love of Pubs

London, England

We love London pubs. Each watering hole reflects history, tradition, the neighborhood and local patrons. Step inside and take it all in. One of our favorite pub foods is a side dish called mushy peas. Our RoadTripFlavors version substitutes traditional marrowfat peas with easily sourced frozen peas. Click on the recipe link below.


Mapping the Day

A catchy name, unique signage and warm architecture will lure you. Then smell the aroma of spilled brew wafting from the wooden floors. Hear the thunder of friendly chatter and boisterous jocularity. Taste the freshly poured beer. At a London pub, beer service is brisk. Food offerings are simple. Relaxation and good times are always on tap.


Local Story

Many pubs in London are hundreds of years old. In medieval times, pub names reflected easily recognized pictures like Flying Horse, Fox & Grapes, and Olde Red Lion . This practice assisted patrons of those times who were unable to read. The colorful names are still prevalent and subsequently enticed these London visitors into one pub after another.



Throughout London, we traversed neighborhoods on foot to take in all the local flavor. Iconic buildings and places of history were often augmented by a quick beer to refresh us for the next few miles. Here are some of our highlights:

  • Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street
  • Lamb and Flag, the oldest pub in Covent Garden
  • The Blackfriar, a historic Art Nueveau building in Central London
  • The Anchor near Borough Market
  • St. Stephen’s Tavern across from Big Ben
  • Rose & Crown in Mayfair, a last stop before heading back to our hotel



View from the Table

Pub food is hearty. Typical offering are burgers, pies and, of course, fish and chips. A plate piled high with lightly battered fish, usually cod, and crisp potato wedges usually come adorned with peas. Two types are served: fresh and mushy peas. We loved the mushy peas.

Here’s the RoadTripFlavors version of the popular pub side dish.

Mushy Peas






Mushy Peas

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