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World Series Baseball Team-Themed Slider Recipe Competition

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World Series Baseball Team-Themed Slider Recipe Competition

Southern California




The 2012 Major League Baseball season is culminating in what promises to be a fantastic finale with the World Series starting tonight.  The final seven-game dual has come down to the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants.


Granted our beloved Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim did not earn a place in the post season this year, but we love baseball.  We have watched practically every post-season game and have learned to appreciate the talent on both of the final teams.  Mind you, when the competition begins next spring, we are all in with the Angels.  But for the next seven baseball games, we are divided.  KO is cheering for the Tigers and I am going with the Giants.  Let the World Series begin.


Our competitive nature has also resulted in a recipe challenge:

Baseball Team-Themed Sliders

We gave ourselves the following rules:

Entries must be 2 oz. beef patties on small buns or bread.  Toppings must reflect World Series team home field stadium food or hometown city cuisine.

Here are our entries.  Vote for your favorite on our RoadTripFlavors Facebook page.  While you are there, like the RoadTripFlavors Facebook page.

KO’s Detroit-Style Coney Slider

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Detroit-style Coney Slider

From KO’s research, the Coney dog is a fixture in Detroit cuisine.  Apparently, the “Coney Island” preparation did not originate with Coney Island, NY.  The name refers to the type of hot dog.  KO has taken inspiration from the toppings of the Detroit-style Coney Dog, readily found in and around Comerica Park, for her original slider recipe below.


2 oz. Burger, grilled

Chili, no beans (use our recipe for a bowl of red @ and add some hot paprika for an authentic Detroit-style chili) or open a can of your favorite store-bought variety

Onion, white chopped

Mustard, yellow

Soft Kaiser Roll or bun


Prepare all ingredients and assemble the slider from bottom to top:

Bottom bun

Grilled burger patty




Top bun

Janet’s San Francisco Sourdough Slider

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San Francisco Sourdough Slider

San Francisco is the “home” of sourdough bread.  It dates back to the days of the Gold Rush when the Boudin family, master bakers in France, arrived in the San Francisco area.  A San Francisco Giants slider would not be authentic without the sourdough bread!


2 oz. Burger, grilled

Kosher pickles, sliced thin

Tomato, sliced

Romaine lettuce

1000 Island dressing

(2 parts mayonnaise, 1 part Heinz Ketchup, 1 part sweet relish)

Parmesan Sourdough

(Cut sourdough slices into slider-sized rounds; coat one side with Parmesan/Margarine mixture [1 part margarine and 1 part Parmesan cheese, combined completely].  Brown in a skillet, stovetop.


Prepare the ingredients and assemble the slider from bottom to top:

Bottom Parmesan Sourdough slathered 1000 Island dressing

Grilled burger patty




More 1000 Island

Top Parmesan Sourdough




  1. Margaret Welch says:

    I love the San Francisco Sourdough Slider–Yum. I think it will work for the USC games as well! You are one terrific writer.

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