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Trick or Treat for Halloween Bloody Mary Bar

Trick or Treat for Halloween Bloody Mary Bar

Southern California

Even though it still feels like summer here in Southern California, it is the end of October and time to celebrate Halloween.  We have fond memories as children of dressing up for Trick or Treat, then taking our own kids around the neighborhood to gather their candy loot and even attending some costume parties.  This year we are staying home to greet the neighborhood kids to our house with lots of candy and a scary screaming pumpkin.  We are also inviting some friends for a Halloween Bloody Mary Bar.


Mapping the Day

Here’s our Halloween Checklist:

  • Halloween décor displayed around the house: “Check”
  • Lots of candy in the bowl: “Check”
  • Screaming pumpkin set out on the front porch: “Check”
  • Ready to see the cute little kids in costume: “Check”
  • Set up the door-answering adults cocktail party: “Check”



Local Story

We recently moved to a neighborhood with tons of kids.  We are certain our doorbell will be ringing all evening long.  Since we are staying home and inviting a few neighborhood friends over for cocktails, we are going all out with a Bloody Mary Bar.  Lots of vodka, ice and tomato juice are ready for our guests to be their own mixologists at our huge Bloody Mary Bar.


View from the Table



Guests are free to make their own creations from a wide variety of ingredients.  There is even a Bar Book for those who need inspiration and are willing to try something new.







Bloody Mary Bar




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