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Vine-Ripened Tomatoes Stack Up for an Easy Summer Salad

Vine-Ripened Tomatoes Stack Up for an Easy Summer Salad

So Cal, California – The Tomato Patch

Tomato season is here and they are robust, juicy and sweet.  Pick the best vine-ripened crop you can find, preferably at your local Farmer’s Market, and build a tasty stack of summer flavor.  The recipe below has a Southwestern kick. Experiment with other ingredients to compliment any meal, especially outdoor grilling fare.


Mapping the Day

The staked vines were taller than I was. Bounties of red ripe tomatoes were hanging from the rows of plants. “Go ahead, pick the one you want,” said the green thumb.


Local Story

I remember gingerly stepping through the rows and looking up. The red globes of goodness were bigger than my tiny hands. I reached up and easily plucked the ripe fruit from its vine. “Take a bite, just like an apple.” Still warm from the sun, the luscious vine-ripened tomato squirted juice down my face and shirt. That was the best tomato I had ever eaten.


View from the Table

I am not a green thumb, but our neighbor came to dinner a few days ago and brought a handful of her first picks of the season. There is simply nothing like the flavor of fresh picked tomatoes. I am so happy it’s tomato season.


Summer Tomato Stack


Summer Tomato Stack


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