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Craving Mexican Food

Craving Mexican Food

Southern California

On our flight home from Paris, we craved Mexican food.  It is a staple in our home and often on our menus for entertaining.  Our Fiesta Cheese Platter is inspired by the presentations we often saw in Paris, but features cheeses from Mexico.  Once you find a source for quality Mexican cheese, the preparation is so easy for a quick appetizer plate at your next fiesta.


Mapping the Day

Writings and recipes on RoadTripFlavors are rooted in experiences from our travels.  Having just returned from Paris, we have been experimenting with cheese platters.  The French have so many exquisite offerings and can be found in specialty shops near our home.  Also readily available here in Southern California however are cheeses of Mexico.  So why not present a Fiesta Cheese Platter?

Local Story

There are a bounty of Mexican grocery stores in our area.  Our favorite haunt is Tula Market in Lake Forest.  We are often drawn to the still steamy and warm fresh corn tortillas prepared there every afternoon.  But their meats, prepared to-go foods and fresh produce are so authentic and delicious too.

View from the Table

Tula also sells fresh Mexican cheeses by weight.  A few ounces each of Cotija, Panela and creamed cheese seemed right for this recipe.  And oh, want a wonderful appetizer cheese platter it became.


Fiesta Cheese Platter


Fiesta Cheese Platter


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