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Three “Small Plates” for Easy Valentine’s Day Menu: Part 3

Three “Small Plates” for Easy Valentine’s Day Menu: Part 3

Mapping the Day

Chocolate gets all the attention on Valentine’s Day. It was the Cadbury Brothers in 19th century England who originally marketed chocolates in a heart-shaped box for February 14th. Commercialization of the observance and all things chocolate heightens every year. The Cadbury’s were very good marketers!

Local Story

We are bloggers divided when it comes to preferences for Valentine’s Day treats. KO concurs with the Valentine’s tradition that chocolate is the way to go. For me, a savory and sweet dessert wins out. There are plenty of Valentine’s Day chocolate dessert recipes posted out there this week. This one is for the rest of us!

View from the Table

Our small plates menu for Valentine’s Day is rounded out with a Savory and Sweet Crumble Bar. Not too filling, a little sweet and a little savory with the crunch of good quality sea salt.

Savory and Sweet Crumble Bar




Savory and Sweet Crumble Bars




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