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Taste Test Reveals the Better Egg

Taste Test Reveals the Better Egg

Mission Viejo, California

Sometimes it’s fun to experiment with new recipes.  After all, without experimentation, meals become mundane.  So, side by side, does a new recipe stand up to a time-honored one?  A taste test will reveal the better recipe, and in this case, the better egg.



Mapping the Day

With Easter this weekend, many a colored egg will go uneaten.  What should you do with the egg hunt proceeds?  Egg salad sandwiches, Niciose or Chef’s salads and just a whole one with salt and pepper certainly fit the bill.   BUT, then there is the  deliciously decadent Deviled Egg.   It is the perfect breakfast, lunch or snack on Monday after the Easter Parade.


Local Story

For several years, we have been keeping our egg intake to a minimum.  So the thought of a creamy Deviled Egg with mayonnaise- infused yolk is a haunting guilty pleasure.  But then, there’s a challenge too.  Can we make a good-tasting Deviled Egg with olive oil instead of mayonnaise?  Our traditional and olive oil Deviled Egg recipes are provided below.  Make both and take a taste test for yourself or cut your losses and go for the better egg.


View from the Table

You can’t tell the difference by looking at them, but the taste test revealed the truth.  You can’t blame a girl for trying, but olive oil Deviled Eggs, even artfully crafted with lemon juice and Dijon mustard, are not even close to the creamy goodness of our traditional, mayonnaise-based Deviled Egg recipe.  If we are cheating on the low-cholesterol diet in the future, we are going for the gusto!

Deviled Eggs Two Ways



Deviled Eggs




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