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RoadTripFlavors New Cookbook Launches April 30

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RoadTripFlavors New Cookbook Launches April 30

The first RoadTripFlavors cookbook is coming April 30!  “Mediterranean Flavors, Easy Recipes and Menus in the RoadTripFlavors Style” is a 40-page cookbook packed with more than 50 recipes and augmented by appetite-stimulating photographs.  The compact format is designed to inspire, not overwhelm home cooks who have busy lives, but still want intriguing meals on the table.


Mapping the Day

RoadTripFlavors Style began with our passion for cooking together for family and friends.  There are no better days for us than to shop for fresh ingredients, prepare innovative dishes and serve them at a table set to accentuate the theme.  But we know that not everyone has the time or inclination to craft original recipes and menus.  For our first cookbook, we taken our travel, dining and cooking experiences and honed Mediterranean-flavored recipes for easy home-cooked meals.  Our recipes embrace the flavors we have tasted on the road, but are certainly influenced by our California roots.  The essence of RoadTripFlavors Style is a fusion of travels and home.


Local Story

Why Mediterranean Flavors?

We have traveled to many of the countries that touch the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.  Mediterranean cuisine and ingredients are staples in our kitchen.  We have embraced Mediterranean ingredients and techniques for many of our meals each week.  Our approach to healthier eating, without sacrificing satisfying flavors, gave rise to our Mediterranean-inspired dishes.


View from the Table

For dinner, how about Cassoulet, Spinach Salad with French Dressing and a crispy Baguette?  Or how does a light, but decadent meal of French Onion Soup, Nicoise Salad and Chocolate Mousse sound?  It is all coming your way on April 30!


  1. David Dubel says:

    Where is the order button? A group of hungry Warhawks are itching to get their paws on a copy.

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