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Staycation, Eeekkkk!

Staycation, Eeekkkk!

Southern California

Our “staycation” day trips in Southern California this summer have sparked our creativity for cooking at home. Chefs here do a great job sourcing fresh, in-season ingredients for daily specials.  A vine-ripened, seedless watermelon was on sale at the grocery store, so we decided to try an unusual pairing: Watermelon, Tomato & Cream Cheese Salad with Balsamic Reduction.


Mapping the Day

The word “staycation” sounds trite and overdone. It is perhaps as irritating as fingernails on a chalkboard. (That’s a trite statement too, I know.  But it is so true!). The concept however is sometimes a welcomed alternative to airline hassle and bag schlepping. And, there is a lot to be said for sleeping in your own bed with the hum of your faithful pup snoring on the floor.


Local Story

So K.O. and I have been day tripping in Southern California lately. It has really been so relaxing and fun.




Top Ten “Staycation” Activities

  1. Go to the beach
  2. Explore a museum
  3. Get out on the water on a tour boat, kayak, gondola or floatie
  4. Take a culinary, winery or brewery tour
  5. Do a spa day
  6. Walk around a downtown or civic center
  7. Attend a festival or local event
  8. Drive a few hours for a change of scenery
  9. Read a travel guide about your area and do the tourist thing
  10. Eat out at new restaurants


View from the Table

We have been delighted with fabulous meals on our staycation days in Southern California. A hot pastrami on rye at Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles, fish and chips with a view of Laguna Beach, a cold beer on San Clemente Pier after Hatch Chili Roasting, a boating picnic on the lake and a new fresh fruit and cheese salad at a restaurant right near our home.  It has been fun to vacation close to home this summer.  We do need to come up with a new term for it though . . .


Watermelon, Tomato & Cream Cheese Salad

with Balsamic Reduction

Watermelon Salad


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