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Rays of Sunshine Inside and Out

Rays of Sunshine Inside and Out

Somewhere in the Puget Sound, Washington

It is like drinking in a ray of sunshine: fresh squeezed orange juice.  We have been purchasing bags of gorgeous oranges at Whole Foods lately and squeezing them for sweet, tangy and vitamin C-filled goodness.  It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.


Mapping the Day

Days at Sea on a cruise give guests a chance to truly relax.  There are no cares in the world, except to rest, eat, drink, read, chat, walk, swim, eat again, dance, drink more and relax more.  Our cruise last Spring to Alaska was coming to an end.  Our last day was spent cruising the Puget Sound.

Puget Sound


Local Story

We were alerted to watch for whales that day by the Cruise Director and onboard Alaska Naturalist.  So we found comfortable lounging chairs at the end of the ship and hunkered down for our casual version of whale-watching.  The sun was shining and the natural beauty of the Sound was all around us.


View from the Table

Right near our water vantage point in the adjacent restaurant was a fresh squeezed orange juice machine. The bartender loaded it with luscious fresh oranges.  As they were juiced,  you could smell the fresh aroma all around.   We ordered the juice and asked for a spike of Grey Goose.  This photo says it all.




Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Screwdriver


 Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice


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