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Amsterdam, Netherlands

The canals of Amsterdam captured our favor immediately. They are shimmering corridors inter-woven into this Northern European city. Our three-night stay began with a walk along the Herengracht, one of the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam. It took us from our hotel to the city center. Sixteenth and 17th century architecture lines the canal and tells stories of city planning, commerce, wealth and the uniquely Dutch way of life. Near the city center, we boarded a long boat for a cruise through even more canals. It was a spectacular introduction to what is now one of our favorite destinations in Europe.



That evening, we walked just a few blocks to a stylish restaurant recommended by our hotel. Lion Noir boasts fresh ingredients crafted into culinary masterpieces. K.O. enjoyed fresh fish that night. I opted for a vegetarian entree of mushroom pasta and sauce with white asparagus. Mushrooms are a satisfying alternative to meat. We believe we have nailed our easy version of Mushrooms Inside & Out Pasta. Enjoy!



Mushrooms Inside & Out Pasta

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