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A RoadTrip to Salzburg for Radishes and Beer

A RoadTrip to Salzburg for Radishes and Beer

Salzburg, Austria


KO and I are headed for a RoadTrip in Germany, Belgium and Austria.  We have been to Salzburg, Austria before.  In fact, KO spent a college semester based there.  We are returning for one specific reason: Augusteiner Brau.


The Augustiner Brewery dates back to 1621 and was founded by Augustinian monks.  In the 19th century, it was handed over to the Benedictines, who still hold 50% ownership today.  It is housed in a beautiful building on a hill.  There is a tree-canopied beer garden in the back.

Their distinctive art of brewing beer adheres to the purity law of 1516.  It is produced with only malt, water, hops and yeast, then is stored in wooden barrels.  Beer drinkers select a stone mug from the wall, wash it in the cold tap, then hand it to the brewmaster to be filled from the wooden kegs.  So fresh and crisp, the beer is worth a trip to Salzburg!


In addition to great beer, the “Aug” features a number of independently owned stands that sell traditional Austrian food like schnitzel, sausages, pretzels, smoked fish and grilled chicken.  It all sounds delicious, but I cannot wait for the Atanossaff family’s white radishes.  Sliced thinly, the fresh radish slices are a perfect compliment to beer.  Yes, radishes and beer.  Give it a try!


Brewhouse Radishes





use red or white radishes

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