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Culinary Artists Transport Us To Another Place

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Culinary Artists Transport Us To Another Place

San Bernardino, CA

People who work in the culinary industry have the extraordinary opportunity to transport their guests to another place, even for just a short time.  They are artists who rely on their skills, experiences, expertise and creativity.  Some are extremely successful in their quest.



Mapping the Day

When we lived in Lake Arrowhead (a resort mountain town in Southern California) 20 years ago, we would often travel “down the hill” for shopping, dining and other services not available on the hill.  San Bernardino would not be considered a travel destination. But, at the foot of the mountain on a mixed-use side street, there is a wonderful little French restaurant called Le Rendezvous.


Local Story

Upon entering the restaurant, a lovely woman dressed beautifully in a smart dress with high heels and accessories, greeted us to her restaurant.  In her striking French accent, we were welcomed and engaged in conversation as she whisked us to a cozy table.  She would always explain the Chef’s specials of the day that her classically French-trained husband prepared on any given night.

We were now in France, even for just a couple hours.


View from the Table

The food, atmosphere and dining experience was always exquisite.  I will never forget the Chef’s Vichyssoise.  The soup’s texture, flavor and aroma was perfection.  In honor of National Vichyssoise Day, here is our version of the classic soup.



Vichyssoise (cold) or Potato Leek (warm) Soup










  1. Love, love love! By far my most favorite soup on the planet! A must have on a cold winter night!

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