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To Grandma’s House We Go

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Pomona, California


Grandma’s house was a full day’s RoadTrip from my family home when I was a child.  I remember long car rides from Northern California to Pomona.   Once there, I would bound from the car and run across the big lawn to Grandma Hazel.

Zucchini Casserole



In the 1960’s, my grandparents lived in a two-story home with a large porch.  My grandfather was a Methodist Church minister.  Grandma Hazel was a perfect minister’s wife.  She was creative, hardworking, frugal and always generous.  Her farm-raised roots in Nebraska, where she helped raise her younger siblings, gave her the skills to make most anything out of almost nothing.  A piece of flannel and perfect hand stitching became a prized baby blanket, a few pieces of colored thread became a needlepoint masterpiece, fresh vegetables from the garden became a side dish that fed the whole family.





My grandfather stayed as far away from the kitchen as possible until the meal was on the table.  Grandma was a noisy cook. Bowls and pans clanked as she crafted her recipes designed to stretch the ingredients.  (That probably came from her large family childhood.)  I remember braised beef smothered in gravy, mashed potatoes and a vegetable served on a neatly set table.

Grandma’s zucchini casserole was a simple dish that was easily paired with almost any entrée.   Remembering it when I was in college one day, I called her up for the recipe.  I made it for my roommates and it has been in my menu planning ever since.  My version is more highly seasoned than hers.  The basics of zucchini, cheese and cracker crumbs that are bound by a couple eggs can be seasoned to complement your entrée of the evening.






Bake until bubbly and golden brown.

  1. Brandon G McCaslin says:

    Made the casserole as a side to my one pot penne pasta with free range turkey meatballs….its was spectacular! Thanks for the recipe.


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