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California Central Coast-Inspired Grilled Salmon Sandwich


San Luis Obispo, California


The untouched beauty of the Central Coast of California is just about 200 miles north of the Los Angeles area.   Along Highway 101, rugged rock coastline mixed with spans of beach, soft peaks of former volcanoes, quaint shopping and dining downtowns and historical attractions present an invitation to a flavorful RoadTrip.


San Luis Obispo, the largest city in the Central Coast area with population of about 45,000, has small town appeal with all the amenities for a comfortable and intriguing RoadTrip.   A recent business trip took me back after more than 30 years since I graduated from San Luis High School.  Memories of a slow lifestyle cruising down Higuera and up Marsh Streets were quickly replaced with appreciation for the vibrant town and verdant natural beauty.

In the 70’s, only a few dining spots took advantage of proximity to the natural creek that flows through downtown.   It was a treat for me as a young girl to enjoy a sandwich at The Network on the outside patio where they staged local guitar players for entertainment.

Today, there are many creek side dining patios along Higuera.  I walked into Novo Restaurant and asked for a view table.


I was whisked through the lovely inside bar, past the kitchen and outside.  A deck, canopied by an indigenous valley oak tree, was bustling with local diners enjoying a late lunch.  The creek flows below with bubbly exuberance.

The lunch menu is filled with a variety of culturally inspired dishes.  There are French, Italian, Asian and Latin notes throughout the fresh ingredient menu.  Lured by fresh salmon that day, I ordered Salmon on Focaccia.  To my delight, the combination of perfectly cooked fish, vine-ripened tomatoes, red onion and sweet pickles, tartar sauce and lettuce was unforgettable.



The surprising key to this sandwich is the sweet pickle paired with the salmon.  You can use sliced sweet pickle or incorporate it in the mayonnaise dressing.




Central Coast-Inspired Grilled Salmon Sandwich



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