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Shopping for Ingredients Spurs Recipe Creativity

Shopping for Ingredients Spurs Recipe Creativity

Laguna Hills, California

It may sound crazy to some, but K.O. and I love grocery stores, Farmers Markets and specialty food stores.  Yes, we can lose ourselves in any given market.  At home or on a RoadTrip, perusing local flavors makes for a great day.


Mapping the Day

The other day, we set out for the Farmers Market in Laguna Hills.  One of our favorite growers takes it upon himself to actually teach his patrons the ins and outs of buying avocados.  “Here in Southern California, the season for Reed avocados has ended, but his favorite Fuerte avocados are just now coming to market,” he said.  We gathered a satchel of both.


Local Story

After picking up our avocados, we ventured to other grower stands.  The vibrant colors and tender leaves of Rainbow Chard captured our imagination for dinner.  We stopped by Trader Joes, one of our favorite specialty grocers, for a pork tenderloin, onions, garlic, Parmesan cheese and eggs.  We were good to go for creating a new recipe.


View from the Table

Letting our creativity and love of fresh ingredients guide us, we crafted an elegant dish: Rainbow Chard Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Pan Sauce.



Rainbow Chard Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Roast






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