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Santa Fe Local Recommends Best New Mexico Cuisine

Santa Fe Local Recommends Best New Mexico Cuisine

Santa Fe, New Mexico



Spanish Pueblo Revival architecture, Native American villages dating back to 1050 AD, artists and writers, a large downtown Plaza, the state capital, a Catholic Church Basilica, throngs of tourists served by hotels, spas, shops, restaurants and bars, and stark landscape surrounding the city set the stage for a delightful stop on a RoadTrip of New Mexico.  Santa Fe is truly unique and intriguing.


We had been traveling with our three dogs for about a week.  There was an unusually hot weather spell, so it was difficult to leave them anywhere.  So we decided to give them a spa day at Pet Suites in Santa Fe (a wonderful place:  Luckily, as we talked with the friendly gal at the registration desk, we asked for a recommendation for lunch.  We were directed to a restaurant just outside of the downtown Plaza.  It is a locals restaurant with authentic New Mexico cuisine.


We found our way to Maria’s New Mexico Kitchen on Cordova (  Parking is in back of the building and not easy to find. We were the only out-of-towners in the dining room. There were just locals who know excellent New Mexico cuisine.

We were seated next to a window that looked into the tortilla cook, rolling out fresh dough and placing it on a hot griddle.  We ordered a cold beer, spicy salsa with chips and perused the menu.  The three of us decided to order many items and share.  Green chile stew, Posole, and a combination plate with tamale, nachos and House Special BBQ ribs.  As we started a meal, the aroma of tortillas cooking on the griddle called me.  We ordered that too.

Green Chile Stew



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