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A Case of Culinary Wanderlust

A Case of Culinary Wanderlust

In Mission Viejo with a Case of Culinary Wanderlust

Culinary Wanderlust: A burning desire to travel the world and eat like a local all along the way.

It is the essence of the RoadTripFlavors style for travel, dining and then cooking at home.


Mapping the Day

In our travels, we pack each day with constant motion. We scurry to see the next vista, artifact, structure. We keep moving to meet the next friendly server, shopkeeper, fellow traveler, famous local fixture. We wander to spark our appetites for the next fresh offering prepared in unique and time-honored ways.


 Local Story

Vivid memories of wonderful places and great food emerge:

  • A shrimp po-boy at the counter of Johnny’s in New Orleans
  • A paper wrapped baguette from Boulangerie Eric Kayser in Paris




  • Currywurst in a cardboard bowl at a German wine festival on the Mosel River
  • Smoked fish dip at the NoName Bar in the Florida Keys
  • A green chili burrito in our car in Holbrook near the Petrified Forest.


Travel treasures are just around the corner or around the world. What’s on your travel bucket list? What will you see, smell, taste when you are there?


View from the Table

We are traveling to London this spring. We cannot wait to try British cuisine. We have read that the culinary landscape in London has changed in the past ten years, very much for the better. Yes, we will still want to try old standbys: bangers and mash, fish and chips, afternoon tea and a pint of Guiness. But the rave reviews of new restaurants, food markets and innovative chefs are already on our radar.  Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we were pondering a light dessert for Valentine’s Day. In honor of our upcoming London trip, we concluded that a proper English Trifle Dessert (like the one our daughter Marie made a few months ago, pictured below) of fresh berries, light as air whipped cream and pound cake will satisfy our culinary wanderlust for now.  It is so easy and delicious!


Fruit Trifle



Fruit Trifle


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