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Our Kitchen Secrets #1: Fresh Herb Barrel

Our Kitchen Secrets #1: Fresh Herb Barrel


Fresh herbs brighten recipes with flavor, aroma and texture.  Buying them for one recipe in the grocery store is expensive and often wasteful.  Our simple solution is a small herb garden in a barrel in our backyard.

We went to our local big box home improvement store garden shop for all the components for an easy herb garden:

  • A big barrel (we bought a light fabricated one, but there are lots to choose from including ceramic, reclaimed wine barrel, wood and pottery to match your decor) with a drainage hole at the bottom
  • Potting soil for vegetable gardens
  • Herb plants in peat containers

We planted the herbs we use most:

  • basil (2 varieties)
  • parsely
  • oregano
  • cilantro
  • thyme
  • chives


After we planted the herbs, we placed the barrel in full sun exposure and the plants are thriving.  Our barrel has been growing for only a month and we are already harvesting fresh herbs as we need them.  The herb plants actually appreciate the pinching and continue to produce tender new growth.





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