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Local Referral for Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Laguna Beach


Laguna Beach, California


There is a sense of adventure getting to Laguna Beach.  The road from Interstate 5 winds down the canyon to display one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline in Southern California.  Flanked by cliffs that offer a cozy embrace, the beach offers tide pools, sand and long stretches to walk in the surf.


Years ago, I was an outside advertising sales representative for the Laguna Beach directory.  Sometimes, the only way to meet potential advertisers was on their job site.  In order to find a target landscape architect advertiser, I climbed the steep Laguna neighborhood above downtown.  Once I found him, he bought a small ad.  He also gave me one the best locals recommendations for authentic Mexican food: Adolpho’s on Anita.  “All of the local workers go there, so you know it’s the best around,” he explained.  He was right and I have been going there ever since.


Counter view at Adolpho

Sit at the counter for a view of the busy kitchen and wide assortment of patrons.  Surfers with sand-crusted feet and workers are juxtaposed with professionals and local residents.  There is usually a lively conversation to listen in or join.  It’s the best of Laguna local flavor.

Every item I have ever ordered is authentic and delicious, but the crown jewel isn’t even on the menu.  It’s pico de gallo from the complimentary salsa bar.  Order some warm tortilla chips and a cold beer and dip in to fresh goodness.

We have experimented with recipes for pico de gallo over the years in our home.  This simple recipe showcases the fresh tomatoes.








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