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Best Mac & Cheese I’ve Ever Eaten


Seattle, Washington


Pike Place Market in Seattle is a visitor’s delight.  Local fare, including fresh seafood, glorious views, proximity to downtown and shopping make it a must stop in the Pacific Northwest.



Perched on a strategic hill above the Puget Sound, you can’t help but be taken in by the beauty of the area.  We stayed at the Inn at the Market, adjacent to the market.  We made visiting the market the focus of our two-night stay, just because we love to explore local cuisine and purveyors.  We spent about four hours around Pike Place, so there was plenty of time to walk to downtown and other adjacent sites in Seattle.


The book about teamwork and customer service called Fish! (by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul and John Christensen) tells the story of the fishmongers at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Flying fish!

Reading it years ago for sales training inspired me to visit Seattle and see it for myself.  The fishmongers not only sell the freshest of fish, but entertain everyone who walks by with flying fish.  It is truly a highlight of the market, but there are so many other wonderful vendors to experience.  Butchers, flower growers, grocers, bakers and local farmers showcase their goods.  The colors of the market speak to the rich bounty we can enjoy.  We only wished we had a kitchen in Seattle to truly take advantage of the fresh offerings of the market.



Across the street from the market is a small cheese factory and market called Beecher’s.  Yes, they make the cheese right there!  Large stainless tanks can be viewed from the street corner and inside as artisan cheesemakers make each batch by hand. You can buy sample wedges of cheese from the case or order prepared dishes made from the extraordinary selections.



Our favorite item on the menu is the Beecher’s “World’s Best” Mac & Cheese.  A cup of luscious, warm and gooey pasta is a perfect snack while watching the cheesemaking in person.  It has wonderful depth of flavors and a little spicy heat.




It would be difficult to make the Beecher’s Mac & Cheese exactly.  There is just something special about eating it right there in the Seattle sea air.  It is also made with Beecher’s signature cheeses.  But here is our version that we enjoy at home.






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